How it is to be a freelance writer:

possible pitfalls

Freelance Writing Jobs:

It sounds like a glamorous job. A professional writer who works when she wants. Being able to sit home by the computer in your house coat with a huge mug of coffee and type away. Having the option of making as much money as you feel like every day. Being your own boss. Well, this does paint a pretty great picture. It is not all it is cracked up to be at all times.

Being Boss Isn't Easy

Yes, you are your own boss and you can choose to sit there every day in your house coat and drink coffee but there are a few pitfalls that one should consider before quitting your nine to five to be a freelance writer. Smart students get their essays written at online service.

time management

There are times when things happen in your personal life that make it hard for you to complete a writing assignment. Since you are on a strict deadline, there may be times when you get yourself caught up.

determine time scales

It may also be hard at first to determine how long it will take to complete an assignment. You need to have an idea of how long it will take you to complete because then you have an idea of how much to charge.


You may not have known how long a job would take and you may not have agreed to get paid enough. You also may have to start off getting paid less than you would want to at first to get yourself established.

You may know about the topic and get half way through

but realize that you are really going to struggle writing the word count with this topic.

Lack of work

There may be times when you have put in a lot of bids and you just haven’t been chosen for any of them. If this is the case, you will have nothing to write and no money to make. The lack of work can be a huge problem for most freelance writers.

Limit Your Bids

You can put a lot of bids out there but the fear is that you will have them all accepted at the same time. When you get bids, make sure you can complete them all. You may have to limit your bids and if you don’t win them, you will not get paid that week.

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