How to Be a Top-Notch Freelance Beauty Writer: 10 Tips for Newbies

Millions and millions of dollars are spent every year on cosmetics. The field is wide-open for freelance writers interested in it. If you are a newbie who wants to be a freelance beauty writer, use our how-to guide with tips.

Guide on being a Top-Notch Beauty Writer for Newbies-10 Tips

  1. Magazines-newbies, start with beauty magazines. Look at the front section of the magazine under submissions. Follow the guidelines exactly, as the editors are very serious about them. This top 10 tip is a winner for newbies.
  2. Freelance company-look online at the different third party freelance companies. See which one best fits you. Once you do that you will build a profile, take a few quizzes, pay a small fee and get ready to bid. You will bid on jobs that appeal to you. Make sure your bid is fair. The company will make sure you are paid from an escrow, so you will never have to chase it.
  3. Make a website-you can create your website for minimal fees. There are online instructions on how to do this. Make sure you include your samples, contact information, and fees.
  4. Advertise-advertise at any free websites you can locate. If you are on a college campus, advertise at the school bulletin boards. This tip will take the newbies far.
  5. Have samples-have samples of s man different writing jobs that you can, so when customers ask for them, you can deliver them.
  6. Consider marketing agency-sometimes marketing agencies have beauty work overflow. Look around and contact any near by agency and let them know you are available to work.
  7. Contact information-make some professional business cards that include our contact information. Give them out and ask your friends to also distribute them for you.
  8. Make your fees-look at other newbie websites and see what they are charging. You need to set your fees and you want them to be fair and attractive to clients.
  9. Be aggressive-if you are turned down for a job, do not be afraid to later contact that client to see if he or she has works. To be a top-notch beauty freelance writer, you must be aggressive.
  10. Reviews –any time you get a good client review, add it to your website. Your want prospective clients to know you are a top-notch freelance beauty writer.

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