5 Places to go Looking for Profitable Freelance Fashion Blog Writing Job

Today, many people search for a job that can provide them with good money but requires only a little. Practically everyone dreams of working as a freelancer, without a need to wake up early in the morning, to travel to the workplace in public transport, to stay in a noisy office for a whole day, etc. Freelance writing is one of the most popular dream jobs for today. Freelance fashion writing is something many people would like to try. Yet, is it easy to find such a job?

What Fashion Writing Is

If you want to become a brilliant fashion blog author, you need to remember that it’s a big responsibility. Fashion changes within a moment, and you need to keep track of it 24/7. Keep in mind the fact that articles about losing weight, dying hair, and application of makeup have nothing to do with fashion blogging. Fashion is haute couture news, overviews of the latest tendencies, all the famous and beginning designers, the peculiar styles that each fashion house has, etc. If you miss something in this ocean of information, you will hardly be successful.

Where Can a Fashion Blogger Search for a Job?

There are five main places that you should explore. To begin with, you need to realize that fashion blogging is not only about your own personal blog about the fashion. It’s also about writing for online and offline fashion magazines. In this light, you can roughly guess where such a job can be found.

  1. Online publications.
  2. Look through the articles that they already have and see whether you will be able to write similar texts. Send them several samples of your articles and wait for a response. In a month, try again.

  3. Popular blogs.
  4. If you know already existing blogs, try to get in touch with their owners and find out whether they need new enthusiastic writers.

  5. Text marketplaces.
  6. Simultaneously with other mentioned options, you can post your texts at online marketplaces that are meant for authors like you and customers who need their texts. It’s quite possible that your texts will be found and noticed.

  7. Offline magazines.
  8. Offline fashion publications may also need good authors who are able to compose interesting, fresh, and catchy articles.

  9. Television.
  10. Television programs that are dedicated to fashion are built on a certain scenario. That’s why, as a gifted and knowledgeable author, you can find good job there, composing fashion reviews, interesting articles about designers, fashion houses, and so on.

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