What Does A Freelance Writer Do: Basic Tutorial

There are several reasons why you chose to be a freelance writer. You need that flexibility that comes with being an independent contractor, setting your own pace, looking for work at your own time and getting paid. That is the difference between you and a regular writer who is employed full-time by a newspaper, advertising agency, magazine or any other organisation. Now that you are a freelancing, it does mean you don’t have responsibilities because you really do. You have to earn and as such, there are certain duties you are supposed to perform before you can earn.

Some of the things you do as a freelance writer include but not limited to the following:

  • Write poems for educational websites, publishing firms and schools
  • Maintain a blog where you post on topics that interest you
  • Write short fictions for individual clients or publishing companies
  • Write academic papers
  • Write whitepapers, salespages and web copies, e-books, articles, business proposals, manuals, marketing plans, advertisements, contracts etc

The list is just endless. One good thing about working as a freelance writer is that you work from any location. You can choose to work while sitting in your bedroom or a corner of the living room. You can decide to write while on a long distance journey (as a passenger though). You can work as a stay-at-home mom or dad. You can also work while pursuing your education in a college. It is the freedom that makes it even more appealing. Whether you choose to specialize on fiction or non-fiction, there are several opportunities existing both offline and online. However, the opportunities are bigger in the internet world. Just as mentioned earlier, with the huge pile of writing jobs also come the responsibilities. Yes, as a freelance writer, you are only answerable to yourself but you should maintain professional approach to your work at all time.

Once the gigs start coming in, it is important you keep adequate track of your income and taxes. Some clients pay per project completed while others pay at specific times of the month, quarter or year. In such cases, it is important that you keep track of your paid and unpaid invoices. You should also have a sort of electronic reminder so that you can keep track of projects you are working on. One of the things that can easily ruin a freelance writer’s reputation is being late with submissions. You should also respond promptly to mails from existing clients and potential clients. Whether you charge by the hour, per piece or per project, you can earn steady income writing at your own time.

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