Best Freelance Writing Sites Where You Should Apply For A Job

In order to get started on a career in freelance writing, individuals have to find a site that will pay them for their services. There are a number of websites online that will pay for content. Ranging from basic blogs to journalistic sites, these web pages offer writers the ability to earn money in the virtual world.

  • Bidding Sites for Hourly Projects
  • Several different sites are available that offer hourly payments. These sites will typically require the writer to download a software program that tracks their hours. Every few minutes, the program will take a screen shot to show that the writer is actually working.

  • Fixed Rate Projects
  • Unlike an hourly project, fixed rate writing requires the writer to bid on a specific project. These types of assignments are generally paid per-word. If the writer is fast at typing and researching, they will earn more per hour. Slow writers are generally better off with an hourly project.

  • Article Posting Sites
  • Although only a few of them are paid, there are sites that allow individuals to post whatever they want. These sites are usually ideal for writers who want to expand their personal brand.

  • Blog Pages
  • Good blogs require a continuous stream of content to bring in readers. Many of these blogs advertise jobs online. Writers can also query a particular blog if it is their niche.

  • Online Classifieds
  • Classified sites online are a great way to find potential clients. The only negative to this option is payment. Even with a contract, it can be difficult to ensure that a client pays. Using an escrow account or paying a portion of the fee in advance can help the writer to ensure that they will actually receive payment.

  • Local Newspaper Classified Website
  • Although newspapers may be losing readers, there are still writing projects posted in the local newspaper. These advertisements generally lead to writing jobs that are in an office or require face-to-face time.

  • Local Newspaper Office
  • If the writer already has a decent portfolio, they can always apply for a position as a reporter or copywriter at their local newspaper.

  • Personal Interest Sites
  • The saying “write what you know” is true. It is easier to find a job and write well if individuals work for sites that cater to their personal interests.

  • Content Mills
  • Although content mills get a bad rap, many writers get their start at these organizations. They typically pay a low per-word rate, but offer guaranteed payments and protection from questionable clients.

  • Personal Website
  • It might not be the easiest route, but a personal website can generate income from advertising. Personal websites are also a great way to directly market to potential clients.

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