How To Get Started Working As A Freelance Writer: A List Of Tips

Getting started as a freelance writer, is more than just trying to write for people, it is picking a skill and developing that skill to a good level. Then working on perfecting that skill, in order to attract companies to hire you. It is dealing with words, to make effective communication between a client and a customer, that will draw traffic to their needs, or developing material for that customer for other purposes, they need constructed. So, how to get started working as a freelance writer? Here are some tips to help.

  1. 1. Choose a Field
  2. 2. Get Experience
  3. 3. Love Writing
  4. 4. Diversify
  5. 5. Find Gigs
  6. 6. Have Patience
  7. 7. Set Your Goal to Full Time

Choose a Field

No one can be great in all fields, so choose one to specialize in. Some people are strong in two fields, but start with one. Do not lock yourself there, but build the area you are strongest in first.

Get Experience

It does not matter how, even if you do volunteer work, just get it, with the ability to show your work to prospective clients. This is what clients want to see, your ability to write.

Love Writing

If you do not, you will burn out quickly. So make sure you love writing before you even start, because you will be doing a lot of it.


As you progress, start diversifying. Even though every writer has one or two skills they excel in, they will not only be doing those jobs. So learn more skills, these will not be as good as your main skills, but they should be good enough to make clients happy, and use you more.

Find Gigs

Market yourself. Websites, blogs, freelance sites, talk to people and get gigs. Apply to many of them, so your chances are high you will get at least one.

Have Patience

It will not be easy to get started, so have patience. Keep doing everything you can do to get jobs, but do not quit your job just yet.

Set Your Goal to Full Time

Most clients like a full time writer, but new writers just cannot afford to do that. Keep your job at first, and as you build, drop to part time, then work to continue building up. Then when you are getting enough jobs, go full time. This will not happen overnight, it takes a while.

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