I Want To Work As A Freelance Copywriter: Some Helpful Advice

There are many reasons you may want to write for a living. Some of the lure of being a freelance writer is you can pick your work, you can set your fees, you can make a good living, and you can pretty much work from anywhere you want. If you have decide to follow this career path, then use these bits of advice to help you as you begin:

Tips and Advice

  • - Decide which writing you want to specialize in such as technical, SEO, creative, business….
  • - Gather your samples for giving to prospective clients
  • - Make a list of references
  • - Decide what market you want to advertise in and then get out there-ads online, flyers at colleges, writing company ads, third party venues….
  • - Using other writers and sires as a guide, begin to set your fees
  • - Decide if you will work on your own or if you will work with a third party company
  • - Decide how customers will remit payment to you if you do not work with a third party who would have an escrow feature
  • - Be realistic-you may have to start with a lower fee at first and you may have to take some jobs that do not really interest you, but you want to build up your client list
  • - Always do your best, you will find that doing so will result in return customers
  • - The ideal situation to be in is to have enough return customers, that you od not have to seek work and that instead the clients come to you with the work
  • - Keep records for tax purposes, you will need to file the W-4 form in the United States
  • - Don’t miss deadlines
  • - Be professional even if you are working from your couch while wearing your pajamas
  • - Do not over work yourself and take time to disconnect on occasion, it is actually best if you work during set hours, so you can keep the work life and the home live separated

You have chosen a profession where you may never have to wear panty hose or tie a tie. To be able to work at home, is an amazing feat and the perks are endless for you. It is a fun and innovative field. Follow our tips and our suggestions to make the most out of your new career as a freelance copywriter.

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