How To Be The Best In Freelance Blog Writing: A Quick Guide

Freelance writing can be a difficult career to start with. Writers must be able to find publications, websites and blogs that will accept their articles. Unfortunately, many of these publications also require examples from past projects. To break into the field of freelance writing, many writers must initially give away some of their articles. As they develop a following, they can build a brand and reach out to new clients.

Becoming a Blogger

Working as a professional blogger is not for the faint of heart. It can take one to three hours to adequately research a particular topic. After that time, the blogger still needs to write out the information. If someone plans on writing 10 to 20 posts a week, it could take anywhere from 10 hours to over 60. Fortunately, writers can create blogs from anywhere with any Internet connection. While a new blogger is getting started, they can utilize their lunches, breaks and commutes to create blogs.

Create a Blog

The best way to become a blogger is to create a blog. This allows the blogger to have published examples of their work and is a way for them to hone their writing skills. In the beginning, the blog is unlikely to earn any money. During this initial period, bloggers should keep their day jobs. It could take six months to two years for the blog to gain traction. Unless the blogger is independently wealthy, they should keep their full-time employment until the blog is actually bringing in money.

Utilize Social Media

Readers find out about a blog through three general ways. They can search the keywords, see a link on social media or be told about it from a friend. For the most part, keywords will take care of themselves. If the content is high-quality and relevant to the topic, the search engines will ultimately end up ranking it well. Other than improving keywords in the blog, the writer can also utilize a social media account. If the title is interesting, readers will click on the link to the blog.

Give Away Articles for Free

Freelance bloggers can actually bring in readers by giving away free blogs. They should start by networking with other bloggers who write about the same topic. Afterward, bloggers can give away free posts to other blogs. Readers will click on links if they want to find out more information, and the blogger's personal site will be discovered.

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