Daily Duties Of A Freelance Copywriter: A Job Description

Getting a job in the copywriting industry can be a rewarding choice for writers. In this industry, writers may work at a company or be able to freelance from their home office. With the rise in Internet marketing, there are a number of new positions available. Before choosing this career field, writers should research everything that they can about it to make sure that it is a good fit for them.

What Does a Copywriter Do?

Although the daily tasks may vary from job-to-job, copywriters generally spend their time creating advertising concepts. They may write marketing slogans, web content or other creative content. At large firms, the copywriter works with an art director to make sure that the finished advertisements are done correctly. As a writer, it is up to the copywriter to generate all of the words, scripts and slogans that are necessary in advertising.

In an average day, the copywriter may meet with clients to figure out what is expected from an advertisement. They may work with other members of the creative team to think of new ideas or visuals. Once this is done, they may write up rough drafts of the best ideas and present them to the client. If these ideas are not just write, the copywriter may have to return to brainstorming. When a client picks an idea, it is up to the copywriter and the art director to add the finishing touches.

What Is Life Like As a Copywriter?

Copywriters at large firms will normally work banking hours from Monday to Friday. On larger projects, they may end up working into the evening or on weekends. If the individual works as a freelancer, they get to set their own hours. Most copywriters work in an office at home or at the workplace. They generally earn anything from $30,000 to $200,000 a year.

What Skills Are Expected From a Copywriter?

To succeed in this industry, copywriters must be extremely creative. They must think of imaginative solutions to the client's problems. In addition to creativity, the writer must possess strong written skills. Since they often deal directly with clients, copywriters must be good at interpersonal skills. They should be able to work in a team and succeed when placed under pressure. In addition, copywriters must have a strong eye for detail. The highest paid copywriters are talented at all of these things and possess years of experience in the industry. With work, beginning copywriters can achieve the same level of success.

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