How To Become A Freelance Writer: A Step-By-Step Guide

Freelance writing may appear as an easier vocation than most. However, you will realize the complications and difficulties when you delve into it. You need to have a clear vision; discipline and a definite decision to join the bus. Once you are in it, you have to continue with passion. Here is how you begin.

  • - Learn and start – Think about the genre you are comfortable at and increase your knowledge on the subject. Go through a number of excellent articles on the subject and absorb the writing style; the emphasis laid and the points made. Learning is a gradual phase; so don’t rush.

  • - Join a global online work platform – Register yourself into a global online work platform as a freelance writer. Create a strong profile and check the assignments available in your genre. Post a number of applications till you get work. Create an impacting cover letter.

  • - Get a room – It is almost suicidal to do freelance writing in a room which is quite occupied. There will be distractions galore. Instill into you the value of doing 4-6 hours relentless and single-minded work per day. Don’t over-exert yourself but at the same rate, don’t take any article in easy light. Give your best.

  • - Keep a running communication – Keep your client informed about the progress you are making with his work and the difficulties you are facing. Ask for insights and engraft them into the work. Make sure that you meet the deadline with something to spare. Keep errors in judgment at a minimum (they will happen though; to err is human).

  • - Ask for referrals – Take all steps and make all efforts to leave a smile on the client’s face. Ask for referrals and good ratings. Convey to him that you are ready for more work. Regarding the payment schedule and status, wisely use the negotiation window.

  • - Keep track of other works – Once you get the groove, you will get sufficient work. You should keep track of available works through mutual freelance writing friends and your profile. Bear the workload which you can carry with some levity; don’t overburden yourself. Your work will suffer.

  • - Keep working on style – Freelance writers go through period of distractions or uneasy mind. This should not hamper the evolution of your working style. You have set yourself some goals; made yourself some promises. Stick to them. Keep enhancing your knowledge on the subject. Work with honesty and that will be apparent to others.

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