In Search Of Good Freelance Academic Writing Jobs: Ideas To Consider

When you’re building your freelance writing career and trying to make money, searching for new gigs can be pretty daunting. Looking for well paying, quality projects to do is frustrating for everyone, newbies and experts alike. Do you want to know how you can tell the great opportunities from the scams? You’re in the right place!

Make sure you realize that the internet has many, many people who want to get quality writing for only pennies on the dollar. Your hours of time and skills are worth much more than those people are looking to pay for. While it can take some time to weed out the sites and clients you don’t want, this article should give you a good starting place and ideas for finding good jobs.

Where to find great freelance writing gigs

  • Check out the BloggingPro job board—this site has many copywriting jobs available, as well as blogging (hence the name), and other writing based on a variety of subjects such as pets, fitness or programming
  • MediaBistro—this site has a freelance section where you can find a variety of jobs like magazine writing, TV, PR or market writing, and even social media
  • Craigslist—take everything on this site with a grain of salt, but you can up your chances of finding a good job by looking at boards from all over the country. Since you’re writing online, it doesn’t matter what state your client is from
  • LinkedIn—this platform site can be very lucrative if you’ve developed your profile there. When you’re doing networking, you can also look at the jobs section and sign up for email reminders when something new is posted. Most of the jobs in LinkedIn will be specific to certain locations, but freelance writing can be done from anywhere, so why not pitch them anyways?

After looking at each of those, you’re sure to find a good number of jobs you can apply to. It’s better to send out a few resumes/online portfolios at a time, so that you aren’t waiting to hear back from people one by one. If you find yourself in the happy problem of having too many say yes at the same time, then you get to choose! A little patience goes a long way, and you can continue to look for new opportunities while you’re waiting and working on other things.

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