Freelance Hockey Writers Wanted: Where To Find Great Work Opportunities

Freelance writing is an awesome way to gain experience in the field and develop strong relationships with major players in the English sphere. One of the good things about this field is that no matter what you are interested in, there is probably something that needs to be written about it – even hockey. If you are an avid hockey player or just a huge fan, you may find it very interesting to write about the subject. If you are not sure where to look, here are some ideas that might help you land an awesome writing gig about your favorite sport:

  • Online: The internet is the easiest way to find anything you are looking for in this day and age. A simple search on any major search engine can yield several results to pages or threads where clients are seeking independent writers. You can also join any host site that sets up clients with freelancers.
  • School: If you live near a university, there are often bulletin boards distributed around campus which may have listings seeking an independent worker. Browse around and see if you find any ads, and if not, post an ad advertising your services. Other people regularly check out these boards, and if someone is coming seeking help in this field, they will be happy to see your name. If you are currently enrolled in school, ask a few English teachers if they happen to know anyone who might need help. Writers know writers.
  • Writing center: Any writing center works directly with clients and firms who are sometimes in need of extra assistance. During those times, they may reach out to the center to find someone to complete the articles or work they need done, and if hockey is big in your area, it is likely that several pieces on the subject will be desired.
  • Library: Similar to the writing center and school, check out your local library to see if they can provide any assistance. Just like with school, it is extremely possible that your librarian has heard of an individual seeking a contracted worker.
  • Ice rink: And of course, check out your local ice rink and meet up with the staff, coaches, and athletes. This is as direct and relevant to the subject as you will get, and maybe they will be in need of someone to write a few pieces for a small publication.

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