Freelance Writing On The Web: Guidelines For Rookies

Being a freelance writer seems fun and interesting task to do. The concept of not having a boss to be answerable to and working on your schedule seems fascinating to most of the people who have regular jobs or are looking for work. However, it is not as easy as you think to be a freelance writer. The first few months of your career can be challenging because you are new and do not have a profile to show your clients. One major struggle for self-employed writers is the reliability. If you work for a company, the client will easily rely upon you because whatever happens the company is liable for the acts and the quality of service you provide. For clients, it is hard to trust a writer who does not have any credibility or reputation on the online world.

The question is how such writers earn well-paid jobs and build their career. There are two solutions to solve this problem

  1. 1. You can offer your services based on contracts to content mills, writing agencies and newspaper companies. They will pay you based on your time or from job to job. This way you will not have to worry about getting potential clients because the company will direct them to you. One issue in such jobs is that your work is ghostwritten. You do not receive the acknowledgment and credit for the tasks you do for these companies

  2. 2. The other solution is to create a profile at one of the platforms for freelancers on the internet. Choose a platform after carrying out research and comparing different options. Some platforms are suitable for writers in the US while others fit perfect for those living in UK, Europe or other parts of the world. Having an account on such a platform means, you will have your own identity and people will rely on you because you are a verified member of a huge platform. The other benefit of creating an account on these platforms is that you have your own identity and receive credit for the tasks you do. The client will know your id and give you reviews and feedback on the tasks you complete.

In order to build a great profile and improve your reliability, you should always deliver tasks on time and offer high quality of writing. This way your clients will have better confidence in you and recommend you to others as well

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