What Are The Average Freelance Copywriting Rates?

Freelance writing can provide people who have at least passable skills in writing English with an income that they can live off of. It may seem farfetched to those who assume writing must be of the same or similar quality to be successfully sold. As result, the average freelance rate for copywriting services can most easily be described in terms of quality ranges as follows.

Lowest Level: Individuals

When you are hiring a freelance copywriter and your needs are very simple, you can get the lowest level price range which averages at 50 cents per 100 words. There are freelancers who consistently work for as little as 10 cents per 100 words but its not advisable to seek these out regularly. Very few of these writers are good. Tthe same goes for the writers earning 50 cents per 100 words but there are a few that are especially good but just happen to be having a rough time and need money quickly.

Lower Mid-Level Individuals and Bulk content Companies

For $1 per 100 you can get a freelance writer of relatively good quantity. This means the writing will have few errors if any and be well tailored to your prescribed content. There may not be significant research at this rate but the work will not embarrass you. Bulk content companies may also hire freelancers and pay them this rate but if you are the one charging for the job, your fee will be higher as it contains the administrative fees and profit for the company. Working with the company merely allows you the ability to find multiple freelancers simultaneously rather than having to search them out one by one for yourself.

Highest level freelancers

At the very top of the freelance industry are writers who work on their own or for companies like WriteZillas and provide extremely high quality copywriting services. Some may be in charge of their own blogs and have earned a measure of celebrity on their own. For these writers, you can expect to pay around $100 on average for a 1000 word piece. This will also vary widely as some writers of this calibre earn far more while others are content to work for significantly less. These writers may also be submitting their work under their own names rather than ghost-writing because the strength of their personal brand is part of the appeal.

The price range used to select a freelance copywriter should be very carefully scrutinised. You may feel like your publication requires the highest level of writing when something in the mid-range is quite adequate. Think carefully about what is expected of you and make an informed choice based on what is offered to you and your knowledge of these averages.

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