How To Get A Job In Writing Stories For Video Games

The job market for writers is an active one, with clients requesting new tasks from their employees on a daily basis it can be hard to keep up sometimes. The are many avenues one could pursue and it can be hard to decide, but indecision is bad for business and you have a special advantage since you know which field you wish to pursue. There are several steps that any freelancer writers should follow and I will outline these and more in the following points:

  1. Create a profile that targets your target market
  2. Any employer seeking to hire individuals will be interested in having some information about them before making a decision. Take some time, even better if you get some external help and create a profile that stands out from the rest. Be sure to include a sample of your capabilities specifically targeted at your intended industry.

  3. Research the market and familiarize yourself with the commonly required skill sets
  4. Information is the key to success and too much of it is not possible. Use any browser to find out more about your potential employers and their desires, as well as the most popular story types in demand. Use the information you gain to better equip yourself and thus, make you a more desirable writer.

  5. Find out how video game producers usually acquire their stories
  6. It is obvious that game designers have access to stories before you came along so what you should do is find out how they usually acquire them. This can be done using any search engine, visiting forums and reading the credits included in existing video games. With this information, you can better position yourself to grasp an opportunity should it arise.

  7. Send applications to as many gaming companies as possible, providing samples of your work.
  8. Sending an email proposal to any gaming company directly may be the fastest and most effective way to acquire a job. Be sure to include a sample of your original work so that anyone viewing the mail will be able to immediately assess your skill, quite possibly hiring you on the spot, no interview necessary.

  9. Produce an original story and upload it online for free viewing
  10. Self promotion can sometimes be the key and this can be done quite affordably. Use any popular form of social media and upload a complete, original story created by you. If necessary, create a separate account for your employment purposes and open it free for public viewing.

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