How To Become A Freelance Copywriter: Essential Tools For The Job Search

If you're interested in becoming a freelance copywriter, there are a few top key points that you can utilize to help you as you look for work. Keep in mind that writers need experience, so by having your portfolio of related work references, and up-to-date certifications, you should be finding a great copywriting job in no time.


The first key step that you want to include in your search, is you want to ensure that you have a great online portfolio. Now this can be something that you start on your own. You can write for sites like:

  • - Freelancer
  • - Elance
  • - ODesk

The goal is that you need writing experience. Work on articles that are small, because it's about getting experience. The way you can start this off is to offer the lowest offer for writing articles, and work on simple jobs to start until you understand what is required and what you have to turn in. As you build a portfolio, save all the work that you complete. Make sure that you turn in quality work with the goal in mind that each project you complete will be submitted and reviewed by hiring managers.


As you get feedback from your online employers, the next thing you want to do is to ensure that you keep track of your references. in writing, references mean everything, so try to get your customers through your siteS or any work that you do offline to give you references, even if its just a one or two sentence reference and recommendation that says that you did a good job. What do you want to do next is to create a nice word document that has the name of the person, the work that was completed, and the date. That way you can show the samples of your work to your future employers if they ask to see your portfolio and your references.


Next you want to work on any types of certifications that will help you to secure the job that you want. A great way to do this, is to seek out free online classes that can help you with things like copywriting for beginners, or courses that will help to ensure that you're able to fine tune your skills and learn a few new tips about online writing. As copywriters transition more into writing for online content, make sure your computer skills are up to date. As you continue to build your portfolio, and save your preferences, you'll be guaranteed that you can get a new job in no time!

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