In Search of Interesting Freelance Writing Jobs at Women's Magazines

Writing for women’s magazines is a rewarding experience. As a freelance writer, you may use this opportunity to get into print and increase the number of your regular readers and potential clients. Moreover, this is a unique chance to write about something that interests you. These are not necessarily the topics of special interest to women (like, marriage, interpersonal relationships, children, fashion, lifestyles, diets, etc.). You may also write about general subjects (like, education, psychology, money management, health careers, etc.) if the target audience of the magazine likes reading about these things.

How to Get into the Industry

Freelance writers have two ways to start writing in the field. The way you choose will depend on the magazine itself.

  • Submit a completed article.
  • Write a story and send it directly to the editor of the women’s magazine. In a week or two, you’ll get to know if your story will be published. Remember that the plot of your story should hook the editor, i.e. it should be interesting not only for you but also to the target readers of the magazine.

  • Send a query letter.
  • Some of the magazines eagerly respond to the query letters of freelance writers. A successful query letter will tell what idea you offer to reveal in the magazine and explain why you are the best candidate to do the job. Therefore, your query letter should contain the following information:

    • Your idea.
    • Make sure that it corresponds to the mood of the magazine. It should also be specific and original.

    • An effective introduction.
    • Write the first paragraph of your query (also known as a lede) in the style of your target magazine.

    • A summary of your future article.
    • Explain what exactly you offer.

    • Examples.
    • Provide several paragraphs of your future article and support your thoughts with credible evidence.

    • Relevant information about yourself.
    • Prove that you are can successfully cope with the task because you have experience of writing such articles and/or educational background in the field. Attach the samples of your previous works in the similar style or on similar topics.

Things to Consider

  • Don’t take rejections personal.
  • Whether you submit a whole story or a query letter, the chances of being rejected are rather high. Be persistent and pitch to the target magazine or several women’s magazines often.

  • Ask for the fiction guidelines.
  • Women’s magazines usually provide such materials to freelance writers for free. They will help you meet the criteria of your magazine as to the content, style, and length of your articles.

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