10 Basic Recommendations On How To Become A Successful Ghost Writer

Writing stories of ghosts, phantoms, spirits and banshee offers exhilarating experience to the writer. On one hand, it creates emotions like terror, panic, frustration, despair, shock and horror and at the same time it sticks its audience with a curiosity as what would happen next. Writing stories on such topics is an art and needs to be well executed. The writer needs to penetrate into the reader’s mind, body and soul to succeed.

What are the basic steps to be kept in mind?

  1. Outline: Unlike other writings; outline is not required here. You need to go with your flow of thoughts. You need to cultivate and populate ideas, otherwise it will limit the possibilities of inducing adventure.
  2. Include settings of time and place: This aspect makes the writing further interesting and makes it picturesque. For example-“As he entered through the convoluted streets and the hidden alleys on Tuesday midnight, the protagonist’s activities caught a fire”. If the situation took place in any specific room, cite the city name, the street address and the name of the building with the floor details and the room number.
  3. Who is telling the story- Is it an omniscient narrator or the first person? The first person narration creates a direct bonding with the reader.
  4. Discuss the conflict in details: The story gathers momentum when conflicts are part of it.
  5. Talk about the stakes involved: A risking story keeps the reader engrossed till end. The issues like hostage crises, threats and safety measures, the ups and downs on the way should be clearly and interestingly cited.
  6. Write down thoughts as they flash in mind: While writing, some peculiar and interesting thoughts flash for a second or so, hence right them in fragments.
  7. Introduce special character of little significance: This aspect will help you to make huge makeovers in the later part of the story. This character will make significant changes to work in the field and writing the end. Write your story in at least 5 paragraphs in a sprinkled state.
  8. Deadline: A ghost writer should decide a timeline for the completion of the story. Ensure that you create suspense right from the beginning and make reader think for various options while splurging emotions like fear, enigma, trepidation etc till end. This aspect helps you to complete your story within deadline.
  9. Show your real efforts at the end: If you have showed the characters to be really strong in the beginning, readers will not tremble and your efforts will turn into vain.
  10. Keep the story with you till end: Don’t show your story to the public together. Show it to people one by one and seek their feedback, if required make changes before getting it published.

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