A List Of Suggestions For Freelance Football Writers: How To Find A Great Job

If your favorite sport is football and you have decided to try and make a living out of writing about it, there are some things you need to know. While it may appear to be exciting, a football writer's life is not quite as glamorous as you may want it to be. It is not all rushing for flights to make championship games and then writing about them -- there is plenty of disappoint, cold, rainy weather, and missed interviews.

However, like everything else there is both good and bad news. Let's get the bad out of the way first. The chances that the average writer will make it into the big time (where they make the big dollars, have celebrities calling them directly to give quotes, and various other perks) is higher than one in a million.

The good news is more palatable. Many people quit without really trying as soon as they reach the first hurdle. This knocks down your competition by several at a time, but there is still plenty of rivalry to overcome. If you decide to persevere, here are a list of suggestions on finding a great job in the freelance world of football writing:

  • Tap every media outlet source: Newspapers are not the only way to break into the industry. Go after assignments at press agencies, magazines, radio stations, local papers, national news, and websites.

  • Contacts mean everything: Who you know is vital, and the more people you know who are relevant to the industry, the better your chances will be of breaking into the inner circle. Build relationships with journalists and become an active member of top sports forums.

  • Create a strong portfolio: Approach others with ideas that you may have, whether it is online or in the "real world." Everything you write does not need to be included, but have a variety of different types of writing which showcases all of your skills and talents.

  • Learn what the industry has to teach: Read through every article that you can get your hands on. Analyze the different styles and choice of topics that the top writers use. Learn from the techniques they use and apply what works into your own pieces.

  • Be an expert: This is not a job that anyone can do well. It is essential that you fully understand and appreciate the game. Passion is one of the things that makes writing strong, and your love for the sport will come through in your work.

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