Where To Look For Great Freelance Technical Writing Jobs: Useful Tips

To make money as a freelance writer, freelancers need to find jobs in the industry. Until the writer has a decent profile and job history built up, they may find it difficult to locate new projects. Fortunately, there are many different jobs available online if the writer knows where to look.

Content Mills Are Sometimes Acceptable

A content mill is a type of website that generally pays a few pennies a word for basic content. Although the pay is generally quite low, these sites are a decent place to get started at. While the writer gains some experience in the field, they are ensured a fairly consistent stream of work. Even when the writer is more established, they can use content mills as a back up form of income.

Create Profiles on Bidding Sites

Clients do not always know where to go to find writers. There are literally thousands of writers online, and they have thousands of different websites that advertise their services. Due to this, clients often use bidding sites to find potential writers . Normally, the client will post a project on the site and writers bid on it. The client then picks a writer that matches their ideal quality, price range and timetable.

For a writer, a bidding site is a good way to find clients. The writer develops a profile on the website and posts several examples of their work. Over time, past clients will review them on the writer's profile. These reviews and job history will later help the writer to get even more projects.

Go for the Gold: Writing for Magazines

Magazines are fairly lucrative for writers. They typically pay hundreds of dollars for an any article that is published. To get an article assignment from a magazine, writers must send a proposal to the editor. Depending on the needs of the magazine, this proposal may be selected, or it may be set aside. If writers can get a job with a magazine, they will be ensured a fairly decent level of income.

The only issue with writing for a magazine is when pay day occurs. Often, writers are paid weeks or months after their article is published. In the meantime, the writer needs to send out more proposals and ideas so that they can make a consistent stream of income. Writers who work exclusively with magazines and trade publications need to be good at saving money because there are often large gaps between pay checks.

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