10 Tips To Help You Become The Best At Freelance Grant Writing

Grant writing can be a lucrative vocation for talented writers. Through training and writing courses, individuals can learn how to develop a career in writing grants. Non-profit organizations always need grant writers to help them obtain money from the government and charitable organizations. To become the best at freelance grant writing, individuals should use the following 10 tips.

  1. 1. Be Good at Writing
  2. The first tip is the most obvious. To make money as a writer, individuals have to be able to write well. They must proofread their work and know how to craft strong sentences.

  3. 2. Stay Up-To-Date
  4. Like every field, grant writing changes over time. To stay ahead of the competition, writers must be up-to-date on all of the recent developments. Often, the best writers will sign up for continued education classes every year.

  5. 3. Design a Website
  6. A good website is a grant writer's best friend. This website will help them reach out to non-profits and can showcase their best work. Although there are writers who succeed without making a website, it is quickly becoming a requirement of the industry.

  7. 4. Network
  8. Meeting other writers and talking to clients is the best way to find new projects. Anyone could be a source of a potential lead, so writers should be able to talk up the quality of their work.

  9. 5. Volunteer With a Non-Profit
  10. Creating a portfolio and a strong resume is one of the most difficult things to do. If it is hard to find paid work in the field, writers can always volunteer their time. In addition to developing a good portfolio, volunteer work always looks great in a resume.

  11. 6. Build a Portfolio
  12. To get that first project, writers need to have a good portfolio. They can either create examples of a grant proposal, or create a free one for a non-profit. By reading through the writer's portfolio, the client will be able to determine if the writer is a good fit.

  13. 7. Build a Resume
  14. The non-profit organization will use the writer's past experience to judge their abilities. Previous assignments in the industry, a history of working for non-profits or volunteer work can all boost the chances of getting an assignment.

  15. 8. Figure Out Payment
  16. While some clients pay a fee, other non-profits pay a percentage of any funds that they receive. Before starting an assignment, writers should figure out how they will get paid.

  17. 9. Recommendations
  18. After having a particularly good experience with a non-profit, writers should always ask for a recommendation. A personal testimonial or review will increase the chances of the writer getting hired.

  19. 10. Stay in Contact
  20. Receiving grants is the main way that non-profits stay in business. They are concerned about the quality and timeliness of the grant applications. To assuage their concerns, grant writers should be reachable by phone or e-mail at all times.

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