Where To Search For Good Freelance Jobs In Media Writing

If you are an independent person who does not like the prospect of working for one single employer, freelance writing is perfect for you. But working freelance is not easy. If you are a beginner prepared to be overwhelmed by the competition. If you want to write for various media, you will have to keep exploring new opportunities and markets to come up with better options and clients. New opportunities will not only help you to make more money but also hone your writing skills. Freelance writing gives you a lot of freedom but it also involves a lot of struggle in terms of searching for employers and work.

Where to start looking

  • The first place to start searching would be web portals. There are popular websites where employers post here job requirements and writers bid for the work. These places are immensely competitive and securing a bid can be frustrating.
  • There will always be someone bidding less than you no matter what. It would require a lot of patience before you secure your first assignment on one of these websites. If you find it hard to bag a bid on these websites you can try most of the unconventional approaches.
  • There is a thing called content mills where you have to write a lot of stuffs in a short time. It can be a good way to earn a quick buck if you find yourself without any top quality assignments.
  • A content mill is good for short term earning but on long term keeping up with the huge work load of a content mill is not viable. When you write for a media house you not only get paid well but also get satisfaction from your work.
  • So the best way of finding a work would be calling up local media houses and asking them if they want to publish your works. Send hem samples and be persistent, take feedback and ask what kind of writing they want to publish. You can contact magazines and newspapers from your locality and see if they are looking for writers.

Another place where as a freelance writer you can get assignments is blogs. Many popular blogs publish articles under guest writer category. If you think you can write quality content you can definitely give them a try. The work of a freelance writer can be immensely satisfying; all you have to do is look for jobs at the right place.

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