A Few Words About Freelance Copywriter Salary: What You Can Expect

To begin with, “salary” is not the best word to describe a freelance copywriter’s earnings. You do not receive a fixed sum of money per week, per month, or per year unless you have regular customers who buy large amounts of text, which is seldom the case. Most freelance writers charge fees per hour or per word, and their earnings vary considerably from month to month.

So How Much Can I Make?

To get a sense of what a typical freelancer writer makes, check the actual figures on reputable online resources or published media. Bear in mind that the earnings of “star” writers can be much higher than these estimates, while that of beginners can be slightly lower. Here are several resources to browse through:

  • Ed Gandia’s annual freelance industry reports.
  • The writing section of this report provides a quick – and rather accurate, due to the number of writers and editors who take part in the survey – snapshot of the market. For example, in 2012, about 33 percent of respondents claimed to be earning $70 per hour or more, while the other 23 percent reported earnings of $50-70 per hour.

  • Copywriter surveys by Chris Marlow.
  • Another authoritative source of copywriter earnings data, highly praised by experienced market players, are Chris Marlow’s copywriter surveys. The information they provide will be especially useful if you are going to write for businesses rather than magazines.

  • The Writer’s Market.
  • This magazine publishes a comprehensive “what to charge” guide in each of their annual editions. The guide is completed by surveying writers across a wide variety of assignments,

  • Job statistics websites.
  • An easy way to estimate your earnings as a freelance writer is to visit a website that compares the average pay in different jobs, such as PayScale. As of September 2014, the average hourly rate of a freelance writer was found to be about $25, with individual rates ranging from $11.85 to $60 and total annual earnings ranging $23,000-112,000.

How Much Will I Make?

The industry statistics gives you an idea of what to expect, but it can’t answer the question of where you will fall on the copywriter range. However, you can estimate your chances to become a high-earning writer by answering the following questions:

  • - Would you introduce any changes into your text if required by a client?
  • - Are you ready to learn new skills?
  • - Are you ready to put the time and effort into launching your own website?
  • - Would you write about any topics that pay well, not only about those you like?

The more “yes” answers you have, the better income you can make as a freelance writer.

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