Where To Look For The Best Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

Everyone has seen movies or read books about writers who hide themselves away for months at a time while they attempt to write the next great American novel. In all of these stories the writer is usually portrayed as a struggling artsy type who usually has a problem with drinking or who may be portrayed as having mental problems. Being a freelance writer is not as bad as Hollywood makes it seem! In fact, being a freelance writer is very liberating, allows you to follow your own path, and can be extremely lucrative. We want to make a decent living so that we can continue doing what makes us happy! So where should you look when you are after those "golden" jobs - the ones that will really bring home the bacon? Here are a few places you are going to want to check out for yourself:

Query letters

If you are highly experienced in a certain area, one of the best things you can do for your fledgling career is to send out query letters to magazines, newspapers, or other types of online publications. Editors are always looking for new writers that have a fresh viewpoint and some of them pay unbelievably well for what you have to say. It can take up to a year to get a response so don't get discouraged. As long as the ideas keep coming, keep sending them to the appropriate medium!

Freelance writing sites

Many people try to stay away from these types of sites because the competition for the available jobs can be extremely fierce. When you are new, the only way prospective employers have to judge you is by how you sell yourself in your profile and how good your proposal looks. This should not be a deterrent though! I have been a professional writer for more than ten years and I have written and ghostwritten numerous "real" books and e-books. It was less than a year ago that I decided to see what opportunities were available to me online to reduce my stress level. I found a site that was established, where the employers pay well, where I don't have editors calling me at stupid o'clock, where I have time to spend with my family, and here I am writing this for you. Trust your instincts!

The others...

Some freelance writers find their best employment where they aren't expecting to find it. Check out the online classifieds on a regular basis, speak with the editor of your local newspaper, and put visiting writer's forums on your daily to-do list. Never be afraid to put yourself out there and make sure that you never underestimate what your time is really worth.

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