How To Find A Well-Paid Job: A Helpful Guide For Freelance Writers

Those thinking about becoming freelance writers have almost certainly checked the market and been surprised by the range of rates that are quoted by the many available jobs. Some jobs seem to pay extremely well, and others barely seem worth the time and effort! There are, however, useful tips and hints about how to get the better-paid jobs, even when you are just starting out.

  • - Have a great C.V. and portfolio
  • If you are highly qualified, experienced and can prove it, you will be in great demand. Being in great demand will mean that you can ask for the sort of money that you need to be able to live and support yourself. This means that you need to make sure your C.V. and portfolio are the best they possibly can be. If necessary, pay to have your C.V. read by someone professional so they can coach you in how to make it stand out more. Add plenty of examples of your work to your portfolio, but make sure that the samples are of different lengths and styles so that any potential employer can see your potential.

  • - Don’t be afraid to haggle
  • As a freelance writer, you will often be employed by individuals on specialist freelance sites (and sometimes elsewhere). Individuals will often set a price that they think is fair, but sometimes they do not understand the market or how much the sort of work they want is worth. This is where you, with your expertise, can step in and counter their price with your own. Don’t forget: You are the expert in this situation, and so a potential client should listen to you. If they do not, then you can either take the job or not: it’s your choice. Just remember that haggling is completely acceptable in situations where your employer is an individual. Sometimes, even when they are a company!

  • - Don’t just apply for posted jobs!
  • A majority of jobs are not posted online, but privately advertised - or not advertised at all! Be pre-emptive and email clients that you would like to work with asking whether they need any work done. Often, they will say no, but all it takes is for one of the big companies you message to say ‘yes’, and you’ll be receiving a lot more money than from other, advertised freelance writing work. Additionally, these clients will be impressed with your confident attitude!

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