How To Find A Website With Freelance Writing Jobs: Effective Directions

Getting your first freelance job is not that difficult if you look for it in right places. Here is a brief guide to common types of websites where good freelance jobs can be found.

Before You Start

  • - Think of what area of writing most appeals to you.
  • Would you like to write for blogs, for online media, or for anyone who pays you? Depending on your choice, look for blogger, social media writer, or copywriter options. You can try all these keywords on a job website and see how different search results will be yielded.

  • - Prepare all necessary materials.
  • To get a good writing job, you need to have the following: a great cover letter, an excellent resume, a completed LinkedIn profile, and a writing portfolio (or at least links to several examples of your writing). If you have never been paid for writing anything, include a few of your best posts on your blog or social media page as samples of your writing.

  • - Beware of scammers.
  • Include your address and phone number only in your CV, not into your profile that everyone on the Web can see. Do not enter too much personal details. Do not trust websites that want you to pay them for picking the best freelance job for you. It is not a way reputable job websites do their business, and there is a huge risk that you will get neither a job nor your money back.

Job Websites

  • - Job boards.
  • Almost every general online job board has a section devoted to writing and publishing. Check there for remote writing jobs.

  • - Freelance websites.
  • Large freelance websites, such as oDesk or Elance, boast a great variety of writing jobs, with new ones added every day. Register there for free to start bidding for orders. The fees on these websites are generally low, but you get an excellent opportunity to hone your writing skills and build your portfolio.

  • - Blogging and journalism job boards.
  • If you are confident in your writing skills, try your luck on a specialized blogger or journalism job platform. Writing gigs offered there are generally reliable and high-paid, but you may not be able to get them without relevant experience.

  • - Content mills.
  • Content mills such as Demand Studio are avoided by most experienced freelancers because of high amounts of work and low fees. However, these very features make them a great place for a beginner. You will face less competition here and will be able to get a job more easily.

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