How To Get A Well-Paid Freelance Job In Travel Writing

Any young writer is dreaming about this job. It sounds ideal: somebody is paying you to travel, and all you have to do is to write about the places you visit. There are not many such jobs, and you have to be very good in your work to get one. Usually, there are very few job offers for travel writing on freelancing websites. These clients prefer to find their employees somewhere else, and to see how talented they are before hiring them. If you are interested in this, these advices might help:

  • Create a brand for yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to go and register a trademark, but only that you have to make yourself well-known by the public. For this, you can start your own blog and write different articles about travel. This is how most of the writers started before one client found them. If your blog is successful, you will get soon many offers from different agencies or websites.
  • Gain some experience. If you never left your country and you think this is a good opportunity to travel, there will not be many clients interested in you. You have to start travelling and exploring the world before you can hope for this kind of job. Visit some close by countries, and write on your blog about them. Make sure that you provide exact information about the transportation routes, places where you stayed, touristic objectives and tips that might be interesting for other tourists.
  • Get to know other cultures. When you travel a lot, you will encounter people of different cultures and religions. You need to know their way of life, habits, and ideas that they follow in order to become friend with them. It’s good to have some knowledge about many different cultures, and to expose this on your blog. Internet is very useful in this matter, because you can find information about anything.
  • Create your own style. These kind of articles need to be written in a very personal, friendly way. Nobody wants just a touristic guide who makes a list of historic buildings. You can write stories, adventures, personal impressions and how you spend your time. If you had an awkward experience at the hotel, put it in on your blog. If you met a celebrity by coincidence, take pictures and share them with your readers.

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