Looking For A Website For Freelance Writers

There are positives actions you can take to search out good freelance writers.

Start by:

  1. 1. Chatting with friends and see if any of them have used the services of a freelancer writer. Get them to share their experiences with you. This kind of background research is well worth the time and effort as you can start to formulate your own check list of requirements.

  2. Then:

  3. 2. Explore websites that offer writing services that meet your needs.
    • - Before you make an initial enquiry, check out whether they are contactable by other means other than email. Do they have a phone number and address? This is important as it establishes which country they are actually operating from and also whether they are a 'real company' that will provide a service or they are 'fake' and are running a scam. Reality Check - it has been known for people to advertise writing services and get payments from the client and either not provide the service paid for or fraudently use the card payments details. It does happen – Beware!

  4. Quality Control:
    • - Check out the quality of the work that freelance writers at that website actually produce.
    • - Do they write at the level that meets your requirements?
    • - Check out any recommendations and comments left by clients. If there are no recommendations, stay clear! Just to make sure you can use your search engine to check out if the website has been involved in any scams or ethical issues.
    • - If you are asked to pay money up front, make sure that you will have the option to get your money back EASILY if the freelancer cannot meet your requirements e.g. timescale or quality.
    • - Check that the freelancer shares the same first language as you, as this will make sure that instructions will not get lost in translation and that grammar and spelling will meet your requirements. If your work requires a particular referencing format are they able to use that format?

  5. 3. The extras:
    • - Also check out if you are able to use services such as video links or Skype with the freelancer as this is not just a personal touch but also sometimes quicker than explaining through long winded emails.
  6. 4. Nitty Gritty:
    • - Check out the costs. You will be quoted a higher rate if you require the work done within a short space of time e.g. 2 days as opposed to 2 weeks. Plan ahead it’s cheaper.
    • - If the freelancer is busy - the chances are they have a big workload because they are good at what they do.

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