How To Find The Best Websites Providing Freelance Article Writer Jobs

Becoming a freelance writer can seem like an unreachable dream, but is it entirely possible. It only seems impossible because the writer wants it so much. With a number of websites and blogs needing a consistent stream of articles, there are plenty of clients available for budding freelance writers.

Find a Selective Job Board

For the best projects, writers should avoid the overused bidding sites and job boards. There is a lot of competition on these websites, so it would be difficult to find a high paying job. Instead, writers should find niche job boards and websites. These options will generally offer higher pay and lower competition. It may be harder to locate these niche options, but the better pay rates will reward the extra effort.

Think Trade Magazines

A major newspaper already has full-time journalists that work for them. If writers want to make money with print media, they need to go after the smaller, lucrative trade magazines. These magazines may cater to topics ranging from airplane mechanics to scientific developments. Since they attract fewer writers, the trade magazines are able to pay better rates for the same jobs.

Bidding Sites Are a Good Backup Plan

If the writer has other options, they should avoid bidding sites and content mills. A bidding site serves to drive the pay rate of a freelance writer down. Writers from third-world countries compete for jobs, so a writer from an industrialized nation will have difficulties competing on price. Although the pay may be lower, these sites can always serve as a backup plan for writers. There are plenty of jobs available, so writers will never run out of work.

Go for Longevity

There are thousands of websites that start up every month. Out of these websites, only a few will ever earn a consistent revenue stream. They have limited budgets, so they can only afford to pay the writer a portion of their normal fee. As a rule, writers should look for websites that have a long history on the Internet. The site should have at least two years of history on the Internet. Writers can still work with a new site, but they should not expect the project to last forever.

Read Reviews

Once a writer has found a site that they want to work with, they should look for reviews. Other writers will always create a review if they had a bad experience. One or two bad reviews are expected, but any more negative comments could indicate a bad employer.

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