Writing Jobs: What Does It Mean To Work Freelance?

Many people wonder what it means to be a freelance employee. They ask what it means to work as a freelancer.

The answer to that has many layers.

  1. 1. Working freelance means that you have the freedom to do anything. If you have always harbored a deep love for creative writing, or web design and programming, but you were never able to engage in it, and freelance writing gives you that chance. Freelance work enables you to find something that you really love. For many people, they may not know what they love. They may have never been given the opportunity to discover what truly ignites their passion. That being said, freelance work gives you the chance to try multiple areas and see what you really enjoy. You can try different types of writing or you can try different niches and see what you really like.

  2. 2. Working freelance also means you have the opportunity to select what you want to do, on a schedule that works for you. If you want to go to the gym early in the morning before the large crowd of people arrives during their lunch hour, you can change your schedule so that you can go to the gym in the morning and then work in the afternoon. If you have children and you need to drop them off at school in the morning and then pick them up in the midafternoon, you can fix your schedule so that you have the morning with them the middle of the day to work, and the rest of the afternoon hanging out with them. You can then return your work after they've gone to bed. If you want a long weekend, you can get away from everything and choose not to work for the weekend. You can put a hold on all of your projects for three or four days while you go on vacation. If you have a family emergency, you don't have to worry about calling in sick. If you want to work really hard for a week and earn a lot of money, so that you can take the next week off, you have that freedom. With the right skills, you can make that happen.

  3. 3. When you work freelance, you can also choose who you want to work for. Not every client is a good client especially online. The Internet seems to be a breeding ground for online bullying and unethical business practice by few and far between.

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