How To Avoid Scam When Looking For Good Freelance Writing Websites

Honesty between two parties requires transparency from both sides. If any of the two plays dirty tactics; the very precept of ethical behavior and honest transaction is defeated. The same holds true with freelance writing websites.

Here is how you avoid scams while looking for freelance writing websites –

Scam on their part

Payment fraud – Some of the websites play a cool game when it comes to payment. They may offer you a viable deal and even pay you for the first few assignments in a hurry. Slowly, they start paying at longer intervals, say fortnightly or even monthly. After a month of hard work, you may find the websites suddenly going off-board. What these websites do is pick up work; hire writers and let them do all the work. While they get paid, the freelance writers are left in a lurch. You should preclude this occurrence by starting off with small assignments and asking for weekly payments till the time you have fostered a personal relation with the man on board.

Articles fraud – Some websites may avail your writing skills by getting precious work done in the first half. Then, when only a week remains for payment, they start according tough assignments and keep pestering you with multiple revisions, so that you call it a day. They also may suggest that the work has been rejected with a feeling that you won’t ask back the rejected articles. You cannot do much here but to keep shifting websites till you get a valid employer.

Non-genuine sites – There are websites which offer work floating from unheralded African, South American and Asian countries. These clients mostly have an unverified payment record and they are liable to vanish into thin air once their requirements are answered. Logic is to shun the websites dealing in such shady tactics.

Scam on your part

Avoid spinning – Avoid spinning articles. Sometimes, you are told to write a number of articles on the same subject. Try analyzing the subject from different perspectives so that each article remains distinct. Also, don’t plagiarize. It is a voluble offence in freelance writing.

Avoid fluff – You may have too much to chew, having taken too many freelance assignments. This does not mean you will fill them with fluff. After all, you are being paid for that.

Don’t invent facts – When you deal with expository articles, you should not invent facts of your own just to complete the article if you are not versed with the timber of the article. You should rather do innate research from various genuine sites to get inspiration from.

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